Meet Japanese Women

Are you looking for ways to meet Japanese women? The request for Japanese women is really big. Men from West Europe, the US, and the UK want to meet beautiful Japanese women and try Asian dating.

Japanese Mail-Order Brides Websites


There are many reasons why a Western man wants to meet an Asian lady:

  • Curiosity
  • Traditions
  • Family values
  • Exotic appearance
  • Cultural differences 

These are just some reasons why Westerners want to meet women from Japan. Many Westerners don’t know how to get a Japanese girlfriend since they seem so different. It’s true. Japan may come across as not very friendly, they have different interests and even different dating rules. If you have never visited Japan or dated a lady from Japan, things may seem complicated.

Meet Japanese Women

However, you should remember that you are not alone. There are thousands of other men who dream to meet Japanese singles. This guide will become your personal assistant in meeting a beautiful Japanese girl. Once you know some facts about Japanese ladies, know how to date them and where to look for them, it will be so much easier to meet Japanese women for dating. 

Why Do Japanese Women Attract?

There are 5 things about Japanese women that make Westerners dream of dating a Japanese girl. Keep reading to learn important facts about these beauties before you meet them:


A well-mannered girlfriend or wife is someone who a man can be proud of. Japanese people are known for being educated, polite, and tolerant. Japanese women spend many years getting educated. They have good manners so you will be nicely surprised by the behavior of the woman who you may meet through a dating site. 


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Many Westerners wonder: are Japanese women easy? Not really. You may find them strange, antisocial and reserved. However, it’s only because of their specific culture. Japanese women are shy and not talkative. However, you shouldn’t see it as an obstacle. Many Westerners find this feature very attractive since Japanese women are so much different compared to loud and sometimes arrogant women in the West. If you want to meet a Japanese lady through a dating site, just be prepared to take the first step.


A lot of men from the West ask how to get a Japanese girlfriend online. They ask for tips and recommendations. But it’s really easy. You have to be a serious guy and not be shy to show your intentions when meeting a bride from the East. Most Japanese women are family-oriented. Apart from being traditional and a bit old-fashioned, they have strong family values and always put the family in the first place. Many Westerners consider Japanese women good wives, this is why they want to meet them so much. Since Japanese women value family, they make great wives. They are devoted. But they expect their partners to be loyal too.


Many men who are looking for Japanese girlfriend worry that after meeting a lady online, they will realize that those ladies just want rich partners. Once you start communicating with local women, you will understand that those girls are not interested in your money at all. What they value is the time that you spend to be with your soulmate, your love, and care. Japanese brides work hard and are self-sufficient. Still, you shouldn’t forget to be romantic and treat your cute Japanese girlfriend to nice things.


There are many Japanese girls looking for a date with men from the West. Why? Local girls find Japan men too “cold”. They say that local guys are not really affectionate and warm. This is why they get so attracted to guys from the West who seem so much more passionate and caring. Many men want Japanese women to date because they look hot and they heard the stories from their friends who had a chance to date these sexy girls. A Japanese wife will keep you excited and satisfied guaranteed.

After reading these 5 true features of Japanese women, you should feel more comfortable and relaxed.  There are many myths about women from the East but they have nothing to do with the way women in Japan are. 

Where To Meet Japanese Women Online?

As a guy who is looking for the best Japanese girl dating website, you don’t want to come across poor level dating sites and waste your money. So, there are three amazing, safe and affordable dating sites where beautiful Japanese women looking for men.


FindAsianBeauty is the leading mail order bride service with thousands of sexy Japanese girls. The website is home to pretty young girls and older women from Osaka, Kyoto, and Tokyo so to meet them, you just have to select Japan when searching for single girls there. Signing up at FindAsianBeauty is free and it won’t you a long time to create your profile. The website is where to meet Japanese girls is easy and cheap.

The site charges fees but it’s really affordable compared with some big dating sites on the Internet. What you will enjoy the most here is reviewing hot Japanese women’s profiles and sending them messages. How to date a Japanese girl here? Send a message to a lady who you found attractive, order a bunch of flowers and tell her how nice her photos are. This will be a good start. This place is full of stunning Japanese girls online who want to meet Western guys and chat with them online.


The following great place to get acquainted with good-looking Asian brides is AsianBeautyOnline. The website allows you looking for single girls abroad as well as use the feature to meet Japanese women near me. With the help of this option, you will be able to meet single Japanese girls who are living in your area. So possibly you can meet pretty Asian girls not far from you who you have never met before. AsianBeautyOnline gives a great chance to meet and chat with ladies from Japan. You should first get registered. It’s free and simple.

Add your best photos and fill in a profile with information about yourself. Once it’s done, you can use a manual search to review profiles of ladies who match your criteria or you can wait until the site suggests you profiles of girls who are similar to you. Just don’t forget to tell AsianBeautyOnline about the type of lady you would like to date or marry.


The last dating site that helps to meet Japan lady is DateAsianWoman. This is another fantastic platform that allows meeting a big number of stunning Asians every day. The website replaces traveling to Japan and spending a huge amount of money. Here you will find a big database of East brides who look wonderful. Through DateAsianWoman, you will be able to get acquainted with females who you find attractive: review photos, read their profiles and save your favorite brides. After free registration, every user can send a message to a lady he likes.

Sending messages is a paid feature. DateAsianWoman charges fair prices so the majority of Western bachelors can afford to meet local ladies online. Japanese girls dating through this very dating platform will bring you much joy and excitement. Through the site, you can reach females of different ethnicity, culture, and outlook on life, however, it’s going to be very interesting.

Now you know how to meet Japanese women online, how to chat with them and how to develop a romantic relationship with them. 

Meet Japanese Women

Japan Girl Dating Online: Pros and Cons

Why online dating is so much better than traveling to Japan on your own or joining a Romance tour? The simplicity, convenience and a chance to meet your love on distance are the biggest advantages of using a dating site. However, you should be ready to face some downsides too. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of looking for a Japanese girlfriend online:


  • Free registration at most dating platforms
  • Huge choice of brides
  • Affordable cost
  • Ability to send gifts
  • Chatting via video 
  • Translation of correspondences 


  • Language barrier
  • Not all mail order bride services provide verified profiles
  • All messaging options are paid 

There are certainly more benefits than disadvantages. There is no better place to meet foreign brides than a dating site. Since cultural differences and a language barrier can make both singles feel uncomfortable, meeting each other through a dating site is the best thing ever.


Hopefully, this article was useful and now you know what you need to do in order to get acquainted with a lady from Japan. The best way to meet Japanese women is by joining one of the three amazing dating platforms: FindAsianBeauty, AsianBeautyOnline, and DateAsianWoman. You also learned about Japanese women’s features and found how to date Japanese girls through mail order bride services. 

Updated on Feb 2021

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