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The information about mail order brides pricing is on online dating websites. As a rule, guys do not pay enough attention to the dating platform they use. Still, it is important. Each online dating website offers a different pricing policy and mail order brides. For instance, for Americans, several thousands of dollars are not many to pay for the dating site. While for men of other nationalities it is a big sum. Thus, choose the platform where you will find all about the mail order pricing.

To continue, online dating websites are different. The mail-order bride pricing may depend on different factors. The list of them you will see below. Keep in mind that some dating services make too high pricing. So, check it and compare different communities.

Factors Of The Mail Order Bride Pricing

There are several reasons which make the pricing different: The matrimonial services, which provide their users with such information, are good and reliable. The more chances you have, the better the platform you choose is.

  • The territory of usage. If the platform is popular all over the world, it will be more expensive.
  • Accessible. Interesting interface and ease of use.
  • Flexible. Possibility to use the site on different devices, including mobile apps.
  • The transparent policy of use. It means you get to know all the terms of use before registration.
  • Security. The excellent website provides members with a safe environment for love with mail order brides.
  • Communication tools. If the online dating community uses advanced communication instruments, the mail order bride price will be higher.
  • Translator. Some platforms give a chance to communicate with singles without a language barrier.

Those factors are general. Each online dating website has its own specific features for the date. Hence, you may also find such as other factors as the searching activities, matchmaking algorithm, advice of different professionals.

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What The Price Include?

The pricing differs a lot. How much are mail order brides? Men like to ask such questions. By the way, you pay not for the lady, but for the services you use to meet your love. Services help you to meet mail order brides their whole life and create relationships. First of all, there are several models of pricing:

  • Free websites
  • Partly free sites
  • Fully paid platforms

Looking for mail order bride men take pricing policy into consideration in the first turn. Mail order bride prices show the level of the site development and your chances on it.

Free Websites

The first model is the free websites. In this case, the whole pack of services is free. You may use it when and how many you want. No limitations and prohibitions. To be honest, such a type of website is dangerous for personal security. Great and reliable websites cannot be free. At least they have to pay for developers and support specialists for their work. As a rule, free websites are only a waste of time with minimal results. It’s worth spending more time and finding something better.

Partly Free Sites

This category of sites has a certain system of pricing. It is such a mix of free and paid opportunities. The users have the chance to see the work of the matrimonial services before buying a bride.

For instance, you choose the website and open it. How much does a mail order bride cost? The website gives you free usage on the first steps. It includes free registration. Users create profiles and accounts. Then, they start looking for interesting profiles and communicate with girls. Unfortunately, the free trial is expired on this step, and the pricing begins.

Every platform has its own limit of free usage. There can be 2 free chats or one day of communication for no money. Under the minds of thousands of men, this type of online dating website is one of the best. You do not buy the pig in the bag. The users have the chance to try the taste of the online datings. Those who do not like something may leave the website. The pricing is loyal.

Fully Paid Platforms

This is the type of online dating platform where you should pay for everything. It even includes registration. On one hand, it is not good as you do not know what will be next. There is no free trial to try the website from the inner part of the work. On the other hand, there is a lot of review on the accessed platforms. So, read the detailed instructions of use and information about the website you want to use. From the previous experience, fully paid platforms are the best. They are regarded as the premium ones to meet mail order brides.

Main Payment Systems

Apart from the pricing policy, online dating websites have different payment systems. If you open the website with Slavic ladies, the Russian mail order wife price will be in the credits. Simultaneously, the pricing of the American singles will be counted in money. What is the difference?

The credit system is more popular and progressive. It is easy to use. You buy the package of credits and use them in your own way. It is not like the monthly subscription when the next month you have to pay money. The credit system is comfortable in use for busy people. If you cannot visit the website, the credits will be saved. You may continue to use them when you only want.

The other positive aspect is the number you buy. The more credits you buy, the more money you save. For instance, when the 50 credits cost 15$, the 100 credits will be 25$. Each service on the platform has its own pricing. See the pricing list and decide your expenses on your own.

The other payment system is the monthly subscription. This system is the same as people pay for the Internet every month or the bill on mobile phones. The pricing you should check on the site. But, when you do not use the site, it means nothing to the payment policy. With the new month, you should pay again even if you don’t use the website in the previous month. Sometimes the websites make pricing sales before the New Year, Lover Day, and other popular celebrations.

So, be attentive to the payment system. The pricing and payment system are really closely related.

The Pricing Of Mail Order Brides On The Online And Real Dating

It is well-known that online dating replaced real-life. How much is a mail order bride on traditional dating? To answer this question, turns to the statistic. Under it, the average American man spends almost 300$ per month on relationships with mail order brides. It is around 2,600$ in the year. It goes without saying, the traditional date is better. You stay close to your beautiful mail order brides. There are more chances to stay side by side, do more activities together, and even live in one apartment. In addition, you may forget about the pricing at all.

For your information, there are more disadvantages than advantages. Using the online dating website, you know the intentions of the singles there. Those people use the site, agree with the pricing to get into relationships with mail order brides, find love, and build a family. What is about intentions in real-life dates? The most difficult is to find a free lady. You can never assume for 100% that the lady is free. Men claim they do not know about the targets of the lady. American mail order brides, for instance, are used to living in free relationships without children. On the online dating website with pricing, you may meet girls from Western countries. Those women are more family-oriented. It is the sense of their whole life.

The other important disadvantage of traditional relationships is the only lady. Considering the pricing, it is cheaper. Still, when you buy mail order brides, you see different mail order brides. It is a great chance to compare their habits, intentions. Such a variety gives you a stable relationship as the result.

The pricing of dating in the matrimonial services are really different. Some websites make it fully free. The others have different packages. The year subscription is cheaper than the monthly payments. One site offered to pay 10$ per month, while on the others it tends to be 50$.

Extra Mail Order Bride Cost

Imagine the situation you have found the website and know the ladies you want to date with. To estimate your expenses, you must know about the next steps in the relationships with mail order brides. The pricing depends on them as well.


Online communication differs a lot from offline. Regarding it, the websites try to make the communicational instrument the most comfortable and progressive it could only be. When the chat or video massages are advanced, the pricing will be equivalent. In the credit system, one video call may cost around 1 or 2 credits.

Besides, the most popular are HD chats. Their specific is a vital atmosphere. The couple sits like in real life. Adults use it even for physical interactions. Such as entertainment is the most expensive, in comparison to the other tools for communication.


By the way, to compensate for the destiny between partners exists the system of presents. It makes love connections with mail order brides stronger via borders. This service has separate pricing. It does not include general payment. You may buy a souvenir from your country or whatever else you want. Send it to the mail order bride’s country. The website will take care of the delivery and send it to the bride.

Under the pricing system, it is more expensive than simple chat or call. Men use it while they have minor arguments with the brides they like or something like that.

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The Pricing Of Mail Order Brides After Online Datings

On average, the length of the online communication is no more than 6 months. Then time to meet in real life comes. It has its own pricing policy, which does not depend on online dating website services.

How much is a mail order wife? Well, it depends only on you. As rule men are afraid of traveling abroad. There are a lot of myths about its pricey tickets, accommodation and other facilities. The Internet allows finding all in advance. First of all, find the tickets on the plane. Pricing depends on the country where your mail order bride lives. But, it could be even about 10$ if you take a low-cost flight.

The pricing of accommodation depends on the country you go to. The room in the hotel cost less than 10$ in Ukraine, while in European countries more than 15$ per night. When you want to know, for example, about the Russian mail order brides cost, think in advance about the date you will have. Search for an interesting fact about those mail order brides and their preferences.


To sum up, mail order bride’s pricing is a valuable aspect you should clear before building relationships. How much are mail order wives? It depends on what you will choose for the relationships with mail order brides. Starting from the dating site and ending with the cost of the trip, you make a decision. The average cost of mail order bride is lower than the cost of traditional relationships.

Updated on Feb 2021

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