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Chinese mail order brides are traditional, pretty, and very respectful. These are the most popular facts most of us can easily recollect.

Chinese Mail-Order Brides Websites


Chinese brides are, in fact, very special and can impress any person with their characters and appearance. Those men who are lucky enough to date or get married to these beautiful women can easily say how happy they are. 

The number of dating services that help single men from the US to find a Chinese mail order bride is impressively big, which means that the demand for Chinese girls is huge. Dating a bride from the East is a very exciting and special thing. If you like the look of Asian women, but you don’t know much about them, in this article, we are going to reveal interesting facts about them.

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Impressive Chinese Dating Culture

Chinese women are very open to Westerners and will gracefully start dating one. Getting married is another great thing to consider while dating a Chinese girl in Asia. It is a beautiful place with special customs and culture. However, brides are still looking for love and hope to find their lifetime partners.

Chinese men and women have interesting relationships, and dating a person from abroad is just a perfect way to try something new. It is a great time to add some romance to their life. This explains why Chinese mail-order brides search for husbands outside their motherland. A lot of Chinese ladies search for partners abroad using popular dating sites. It works perfectly for them. The number of marriages between Asian women and Western men grows really fast. So if you are thinking of dating a beautiful and single woman from China, your chances are good.

Even though a lot of local women get influenced by their parents who wish them to marry Chinese men exceptionally, more and more women become members of mail order bride services and date foreigners. International dating becomes more popular and in Asia in particular. Beautiful Chinese women enjoy dating Westerners because they get treated much better, which makes them happy and loved.

Chinese Brides

Reasons To Try Out Dating Chinese Women

Traditional Values

Since China is a patriarchal society, men are expected to be heads of families. Even after many centuries of following this tradition, brides still don’t have much right. Modern Chinese girls are expected to follow three important rules: obeying their fathers before marriage, obeying their husbands when married, and obeying their sons if they become widows. Asian women and Chinese brides don’t have much freedom, but it doesn’t make them angry or feel aggressive against men. What Chinese brides want the most is to be treated with respect and love. The practice shows that they find it in relationships with men from the US. 


Chinese women are very loyal, they are probably the most devoted wives compared to women of another ethnicity. Respecting men and being devoted to them is in their blood. This is one of the main reasons why Westerners tend to marry ladies from this country. Chinese women for marriage are perfect. They would do anything to keep a marriage work, to look after their partners and children, and protect their families.

Family-Oriented Mindset

If you are in your mid-30s or 40s, you have probably had enough fun and now want to find a family-oriented lady, have children and settle down. A traditional Asian bride will become a perfect partner for you. She is honest, loyal, caring, loving, and giving. If this description sounds perfect for you, then what are you waiting for?

Since personality plays a much bigger role than a pretty look if we are talking about long-term relationships and marriage, we decided to tell you about Chinese wives’ characteristics first.

Unique Beauty

Needless to say that Chinese girls look very pretty, sexy, and charming. If you have always been amazed by the look of brides from the East, then you should explore their personalities. However, let’s talk about Chinese girls’ look first. They are beautiful and petite. You will not meet tall or overweight Chinese girls. If you are the type of man who likes small girls like pretty dolls, you will like Chinese. Their average height varies from 155 to 160 cm, which makes them look very feminine.

They look after themselves, they eat healthy food, and they stay active. Chinese mail order brides have nice shiny hair, and they have magnetic eyes and passionate lips. Local brides are not interested in plastic surgery. They are gifted with pure beauty that stays with them for their whole life. Women here in their 50s look so much younger. Great genes and a healthy lifestyle make them look very attractive at any age.

Once you join a mail order bride service, you will be amazed by how many Chinese singles are looking for love. By viewing profiles of pretty Asian girls, you will agree with us. Chinese ladies are very attractive, and they have a unique beauty, jot like ladies in Hollywood but exotic and natural.

Respect for Men

What else should you know about Chinese girls for marriage? There are traditional and modern Chinese brides. They are caring, thoughtful, hardworking, and ambitious. They have a respectful attitude to men no matter how old a man is. A lot of men get the impression that Chinese mail order brides are very serious and reserved, but once you get to know them better, you will change your mind. Asian ladies are friendly, chatty, romantic, and very warm. It takes them time to get used to a person to open up because the culture in China requires brides to be quiet.

Traditional Chinese brides are family-oriented and loyal to their husbands. They are focused on creating a family and bringing up children. However, they spend a lot of time studying and getting an education. Becoming educated and finding a decent job is very important for them. Chinese brides are hardworking. They provide for themselves and their families. So if you worry that your Chinese wife won’t want to work, this is not the case.

Top 5 Chinese Wife Finders You Should Try

Review the list of the best and the biggest dating sites that will help you to find a perfect Chinese wife online. Check on these five 5 legit dating services that allow you to create an account for free and chat with the hottest Chinese brides.

Become a member of this leading Chinese mail order bride service and get access to a huge database of single girls from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, and other populated cities in the country. The website provides its members with the latest technologies and offers to use extended search tools in order to find brides that suit your taste. Search for your ideal Chinese girlfriend or wife by city, age, religion, marital status, religion, level of education, job, relationship goals, drinking and smoking habits, as well as appearance.  These are voice, text, and video chat for quality communication with pretty Chinese girls too.

Whether you are looking for online flirt, casual dates, or a serious relationship, Jolly Romance is a great place to meet good-looking Asian brides with similar interests. The platform holds an incredibly big number of profiles that belong to sexy young girls and beautiful mature ladies who want to develop a romantic relationship with foreign men, chat and flirt with them online. Here you will be able to send text and voice messages as well as speak to single Chinese brides through a webcam on your device. Register for free and have fun dating beautiful Asian women online.

If you have always been dreaming of meeting a charming lady to commit to a serious relationship and get married one day, is the best service for a man with serious intentions. Join the platform by providing your gender, name, date of birth, email, and password. Fill in the questionnaire with information about yourself and tell what kind of girl you are searching for. AsianFeels mail order bride service uses a smart matching tool that helps to match single men and brides basing on common interests, habits, and relationship goals. Therefore, you will spend less time finding a perfect bride for a lasting relationship and marriage by using this dating site.

MatchTruly is another fantastic dating platform that you should add to your bookmarks and try out if you are searching for a beautiful Chinese woman to date. This mail order bride service guarantees to show you a wide choice of female profiles with real photos and descriptions. Create a free account at and enjoy meeting and chatting with stunning Chinese girls from the comfort of your home. There are hundreds of profiles belonging to Chinese mail order brides from Beijing and Shanghai, so show your interest and exchange messages with the ladies you fancy.

This dating website is more than just a regular dating place for meeting singles brides on the Internet. helps single Westerners to find compatible partners based on similar interests, habits, and relationship types. is home to charming Asian ladies who look forward to chatting with handsome men from the US. If you have specific requirements towards how your future bride should look and be in a relationship with you, use the extended search tool, apply your requirements and view profiles of the brides who seem compatible. Some features here are paid, but the rate is easily affordable for Westerners who genuinely want to get acquainted with single ladies from China.

Exotic Chinese Wedding

The decision to choose Chinese brides for marriage can be the happiest in your life, as charming girls can make life easier and more enjoyable. But it is important to start family life with the right step and play a beautiful and amazing wedding. We recommend that you pay attention to the unique Chinese traditions and perform the ceremony according to local customs.

Choosing a Wedding Date

It’s not that simple if we are talking about Chinese mail order wives. Because even the date of the wedding is determined by the fortuneteller. According to tradition, newlyweds should choose an auspicious date for their wedding. If you choose the wrong date, then the newlyweds may have misfortunes in the future. After the wedding day has been determined, the wedding should be reported to the future relatives of the bride.

Chinese Wedding Traditions

The Chinese wedding is a lot of fun. On wedding days, the brides come to the groom’s house. Wedding corteges are accompanied by fireworks and fun. During the fun, unicorn or lion wedding dances are performed. It symbolizes goodwill, prosperity, good luck, and business reputation.

In the house where the Chinese mail order wife lived, the groom is given two sticks to eat. So, they assume that sons will start faster. When the bride goes to the groom’s house, grain and rice are scattered in front of the bride. This means a symbol of fertility. Mirrors are attached to the back of the bride’s dresses. This will protect them from all evil spirits and other negative energy. When the bride crosses the threshold of her future husband, she must step over the saddle because the Chinese translate saddle as peace. According to tradition, if a girl gets married, she is presented with shoes and a bronze mirror with them. Sometimes dresses are also presented, which has a beneficial effect on the future marriage.

Bride’s dress

Nowadays, weddings in China have changed a bit, combining some Eastern traditions and some Western ones. Now the bride is allowed to choose the wedding dress herself. Her family used to choose the dress for China brides earlier. Dresses can be made according to both Chinese and Western traditions. But mainly traditional red dresses are chosen since in China red has always been considered the most cheerful color and brought people joy and happiness.

Also, earlier, the groom had to pay the ransom for the future wife, that is, receive the Chinese brides for sale. Today this tradition is absent, and all expenses for the celebration are paid jointly. When dinner begins, all family friends and relatives gather, they congratulate the newlyweds, and hand them red envelopes containing money. The Chinese perceive the banquet as the most important ritual for their future life to be happy. Sometimes the banquet lasts for three days. In the countries of the West, it is mainly about the parents, not the newlyweds.


Chinese women for marriage are romantic, loyal, and focused on creating a happy family.  Dating them can be challenging, but a relationship with a bride from the East will bring you a lot of joy and happiness. Having a relationship with a bride from China requires a little bit of preparation and studying to be successful. If you are open to learning about Eastern culture, traditions and accepting differences, you are on the right way. 

There are so many pretty Chinese women looking for foreign husbands online. Choose one of the five amazing dating websites and start meeting charming ladies from China without leaving your home. Don’t skip such a wonderful chance to date a good-looking girl from another part of the world. Online dating makes it very simple and real. 

If true feelings, spiritual connection, and family values are important for you, then you have a great chance to become a happy man in a marriage with a woman from China.

Yes, the modern world is changing traditions, and many dating sites allow you to find Chinese wives online. But it is important that there is a harmonious combination of the past and the present in our life. Because this is the only way, you can achieve perfect inner harmony. Don’t forget about this if you started looking for a Chinese wife. And may luck be on your side.

Updated on Jul 2021

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