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Rating 9.7
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.7
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.9
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.2
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.7
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.7
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.9
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.2
girls online
daily visits


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Rating 9.7
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.9
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.7
girls online
daily visits

Rating 9.6
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We can not ignore the fact that young people use new technology to improve the quality of different spheres of their lives. Today it includes also a romantic life. There are such phenomena as special dating applications where you can choose between many representatives of the opposite sex. If you like blondes or brunettes, there is no problem to find them. Are you searching for a girl from Brazil, Russia or China? Just find them among others and start a conversation.

KissRussianBeauty is one of the most popular sites in Europe, the USA and Russia. It can be said that this platform is focused on singles with Russian women. There is a great range of ladies of different ages, professions, and values. There is a huge number of KissRussianBeauty reviews that have a detailed description of how the site works. This is a kind of instruction for users. If you want to figure out more information about the support team, payment or searching system, find some on the Internet. 

Overall Rating 8.8/10 

8.5 Quality of profiles

9.0 Applications

8.5 Variety of choice

9.0 Support team

9.0 Prices and plans 

9.0 Service

9.0 Safety 

Pros and Cons

Pros of the site :

  • easy in use;
  • free version;
  • fast registration;
  • legality;
  • a great selection of girls from different countries;
  • many features;
  • KissRussianBeauty free search;
  • safety;
  • delivery option.

Cons of the site:

  • payment for membership;
  • language barrier;
  • extra functions are not available for the standard package.

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What Is KissRussianBeauty?

Many people that have never used dating applications and sites have no idea what KissRussianBeauty is. Some mistakenly think that it has something to do with prostitution or sex without obligations. But the truth about  is it is used mostly for searching for love and serious long-term relationships. Certainly, there are users that want just spend their time with joy. What does it mean? There are friendship, flirt and international dating. Review: At A Glance

Best for: people from different countries that use a site with various aims: friendship, love, long-term relationships, flirt.

Number of members: 7,5 million.

Recommended age: 22 — 44.

Favorite features: there are applications for users of IOS and Android, free join, safety.

How Does Work? 

To begin with, KissRussianBeauty dating reviews contain all information every inexperienced user should know. To understand how KissRussianBeauty works there are no many efforts needed. On the homepage, there is one big window that should be filled. Like many other sites, KissRussianBeauty is not for usage without getting verified. To become a user it is necessary to sign in/sign up. Then customers should create accounts and start making matches. 

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How To Start Searching?

How to choose one woman when there are so many charming ladies? The first rule of searching is realizing what kind of girls you like. There are emotional and passionate, nice and calm, tall and small. And KissRussianBeauty offers all of them. During searching, customers can use extra filters that can help to find exactly what they are searching for. Filters have something to do with nationality, religion, age, weight, type of relationship, etc. 

How To Fill A Registration Field?

 Registration is a required step to become a user and get access to a searching window. Furthermore, one should not forget that verification provides the safety of service. There is some information should be added:

  • mail;
  • username;
  • password;
  • age;
  • gender;
  • phone number.

In comparison to other sites, there is nothing difficult. Moreover, this process doesn’t take a lot of time or effort. It also has a great influence on future matching and saves time while searching.

Profile Quality

While choosing a dating platform customers pay attention to prices and quality of profiles. KissRussianBeauty is proud of its selection of ladies for singles. All accounts look attractive and contain useful data. To figure out anything about the girl it is enough to look through her account. Photos have the best possible quality and have no photoshop. There is no inappropriate information, advertisement or spam.

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Safety & Security

As KissRussianBeauty dating site review informs, the site uses a special unique system of blocking fakes and deleting accounts of scammers. Thanks to that the percent of fraud is extra low. To avoid unpleasant situations it is recommended not to share too private information and inform a community when you notice suspicious actions. As a rule, users can easily differ a fake and real account. Fake profiles do not contain too much private information and natural photos. Take care of your safety.

Help & Support

Are you a customer and have some problems? Do not worry. There are many ways to fix them. First of all, there are KissRussianBeauty dating site reviews where you can find answers on any question. If you have any technical problems, contact a manager from the support team. The support team consists of specialists that always can give you instructions and recommendations. To contact them just write a mail or make a call. You can do that at any time. Online consultation is free and useful.

Is KissRussianBeauty Worth Paying For?

Actually, KissRussianBeauty is incredible, because it offers a so-called trial or free version. It means you do not have to pay any money to start using a platform. There is a package of standard options that are available for everyone. For users that want to have a wide circle of features, there is a possibility to buy a membership or get an appropriate plan. Memberships are gold and platinum. The difference in prices depends on the quality and number of features. To get new information about discounts and special offers do not forget to leave your mail.

  1. The discount price 19.99$, the original price is 28.99$. Given credits – 50 (can be purchased 3 times only)
  2. Discount price 44.99$, original price 64.99$, Given credits – 125
  3. Discount price 69.99$, original price 99.99$, Given credits – 250
  4. Discount price 149.99$, original price 214.99$, Given credits – 750

For customers with a standard plan are available next features:

  • send interest;
  • communicate with paying members;
  • basic matching.

Additional features available for Platinum-members:

  • exclusive search features;
  • advanced matching algorithms communicate with all members;
  • live chat with instant messenger;
  • send and receive messages ads;
  • hide a profile and browse anonymously;
  • the rank above other members;
  • double your profile space;
  • VIP profile highlighting;
  • translate messages into your language.

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Dating experts point out that using dating platforms is not a bad thing and has a lot of benefits. This is just a normal way for expanding a circle of friends, acquaintances and meet future life-partners. Many customers are tired of being alone and want to get married and have kids. If you are ready for commitment, it is perfect for you. Moreover, there are customers that are interested in together time spending and short relationships. You can notice which type of communication you are interested in to avoid misunderstanding.

A great thing about dating sites is it allows us to communicate with foreigners. Experiencing international dating is always interesting and exciting because it is the best way to become closer to other traditions and attitudes to life. KissRussianBeauty is a cool modern and safe service that can help you in searching for love. Of course, like any other website it has its advantages and disadvantages. But without trying it by yourself it is unfair to make conclusions.

Join a platform right now! Do not forget to leave feedback about your experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is KissRussianBeauty Safe? — The site is a legal dating platform. Besides, it uses a special monitoring system to provide its customer’s safety and exclude the possibility of facing fraud.

Is KissRussianBeauty a real dating site? — Yes. There are many 

KissRussianBeauty dating reviews and articles that confirm the authenticity of the site.

Can I use KissRussianBeauty anonymously? — Yes. This option can be used by customers that bought a plan/package/membership.

How many members does KissRussianBeauty have? — It has around 7.5 million users worldwide.

Is worth it? — Surely. There is a free version, so customers would not lose money if they do not like how service works.

How to use — To use KissRussianBeauty it is necessary to sign in/up, create a profile, set filters and start chatting.

Is KissRussianBeauty free? — Every customer can join a platform without payment. But there are many plans and membership offered for money.

How can I delete my KissRussianBeauty profile? — There is a function «delete» in settings.

Updated on Feb 2021

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