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When it’s time, most of us want to settle down and create a family. It’s great when you can find partners for casual dating and non-commitment relationships, but at some point, you get tired of such relationships and want to gain something meaningful. Filipina mail order brides sites can help you with finding a perfect bride who is from the Philippines.

Foreign Mail-Order Brides Websites


It’s not a secret that women from other countries might consider foreign men as future husbands. Such a situation is happening due to several reasons – brides have different goals in life and locals don’t fit in their views of the future, some brides might feel more attracted to foreigners, etc. And men from other countries are willing to marry these brides. Due to globalization and wide access to the internet, we can find people with mutual interests, and if they live in different countries, it’s no longer a problem. 

Filipina Dating Culture

If dating Filipina women is your dream, you can make it come true. There are tons of Filipina websites, specifically, Filipina mail order bride platforms, where you can meet candidates for serious relationships. It’s relatively easy to find a girlfriend who shares your interests and who lives or was born in the Philippines. You need to register an account and start your search – that’s all. Your potential bride will meet your requirements and you will meet her preferences since such platforms connect only those singles who are compatible.

But finding the right person is not the only task. It’s great that both of you will have the opportunity to chat a little bit online and to verify that you have similar goals, but still, you have to meet someday in the future. And that’s totally different than chatting online. But if you are prepared for the encounter with your Filipina bride, then you don’t have to worry about how things will go.

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In this short Filipina dating guide, you can find out some important things about dating culture in the Philippines, about the peculiarities of Philippines brides and how and where to meet them. 

Peculiarities Of Brides From the Philippines

If you want your romantic relationships with a Filipina lady not just to start, but to progress and to last long, then you have to understand the woman you are dating and are about to marry in the future. Filipina brides are very sexy and attractive. The Philippines might not be included in the top lists where the most beautiful women are living, but ask men and they will tell that those people who complete these lists are wrong. 

Filipina brides have this exquisite, exotic Asian beauty that makes men’s hearts beat faster. But most men are aware of this fact, what about their personalities? It’s important to meet a Filipina bride who will share your views and will look in the same direction, dream about the same goals, etc. You have to be compatible, that’s why you need to find out more about a woman’s personality. 

Most pretty Filipina girls have similarities, something common for all of them. As you might understand, all people are different and have different traits, but the mentality is common. The environment in which beautiful Filipina women grow up affect them, and we can say that there are some traits common for everyone. Now let’s check out what are these traits and peculiarities.

Taking Care Of Her Family

Don’t get it wrong, Filipina brides love to have fun, parties, they are not against casual dating, but eventually, Filipina brides want to settle down and to create a family. It is nearly not possible to find a Filipina wife who wouldn’t take care of her family. Filipina brides love to make sure that their kids are healthy, they are loved, protected and have everything they need. Filipina brides want their future husbands to be happy and to feel comfortable around them. So Filipina brides are family-oriented.

Wise And Intelligent

If a Filipina bride sets a goal, she will succeed anytime soon. They speak English and you won’t have problems with language barriers. It’s very helpful when you are using Filipina mail-order brides platforms to look for Filipina wives, you won’t have to pay for the translation services. They know how to take care of their families, but this is not their only concern. If they want to succeed and to build a career, Filipina brides will achieve this goal 100%.


You will notice the friendly nature of Filipina brides while communicating via dating sites for marriage. Recent researches show that one of the most friendly nations is Filipino. While chatting online you will feel extremely comfortable. Most people who are communicating with Filipina brides say that they are always helpful, positive and kind. Filipina brides don’t play these “hard to get” games, if they like someone, you will notice that. It’s easy to approach potential Filipina brides, they are always smiling and you feel comfortable around them.

Value Relationships

Potential Filipina brides won’t give up on friendship, and they for sure won’t give up easily on the person they love. For some nationalities, it is common to have an argument and to split up. Filipina brides don’t even try to solve the problem, to work on their relationships, to compromise. Filipina brides are different. If they love someone, they will do whatever it takes to preserve their relationships. If you are looking for a wife, then such a personality trait is great while building a healthy relationship.

Features of Filipino Marriage

Many men think – “I want a Filipina wife”, but only a few can make this dream come true. Modern dating sites help us meet the love of our lives and meet beautiful Asian women. Yes, a local bride can make your life bright and pleasant, full of positive emotions. And you, too, are ready to take care of making your Pinay wife happy. Perhaps the first step to happy family life will be to conduct a wedding ceremony according to local (beautiful and interesting) customs.

Guests, Outfits, and Traditions

An interesting feature of a Philippine wedding that you will get to know if you are lucky enough to meet a Philippine girl – pamanhikan. The bottom line is that as soon as the bride consents to the marriage, the engagement is announced. And once, on this day, the groom goes “into slavery” to the bride’s family. Here he takes over all the housework: he is engaged in repairs, equips life, and carries out all the orders not only of the bride but also of the mother-in-law and father-in-law. This is a kind of test that can last up to a week. If the groom passed it with dignity, a wedding day is appointed.

The festive outfits of the young are national costumes. The man wears dark trousers and a light shirt. The Philippines bride wears a brightly colored dress. A black wedding dress is also welcome here. The relatives of the young people dress up in the same clothes, the color of which is discussed in advance.

The main thing for a Filipino wedding is the wedding. It is at the altar that the main wedding ceremony takes place. Among the guests, special assistants are chosen: keepers of candles and keepers of a veil. Candlekeepers at the right time must light 2 candles, which symbolize the union of two hearts before God. The keepers of the veil should wrap the shoulders of the bride and groom with a special snow-white cloth, which means family unity.

Here, at the altar, rings are exchanged. Also, Filipina mail order brides adorn the shoulders of husbands with 8 decorative laces, which are a symbol of loyalty. The groom gives the bride 13 gold coins. A symbol that he will make his wife happy and rich.

Special attention should be paid to the festive table. People walk here in a big way. There are a lot of meat dishes. Up to 20 pigs and several cows can be slaughtered for a wedding. It’s not just an indicator of wealth. Filipinos have practically no divorces, so a wedding with Filipino brides happens once in a lifetime and is celebrated so that there is something to remember.

Best Places to Host a Wedding in the Philippines

This is a very picturesque country, so there are many options where you can get married with Filipino mail order brides. A wonderful beach holiday is guaranteed by the island of Cebu, whose capital is the city of the same name, which enchants foreigners with its amazing architecture.

There are several nightclubs in the city, so you won’t be bored even at night. At your disposal are museums and monuments, monasteries, temples (most notably the stunning Cebu Cathedral), and the Fuente Osmena amusement park. Natural attractions include the Kawasan Falls, the Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary, and the diving islets of Badian and Malapascua near Cebu.

Filipino Online Dating

 The best way to meet Filipina women for marriage is to use a mail order bride website. This is one of the best ideas since you can meet potential brides and not women who are not interested in serious relationships. People are different, of different ages, they have different goals in life. But if you want to find a bride, then you have to find a place where like-minded people are looking for love. 

The best place to find love and those women who want to become brides is a dating site for marriage. These sites gather singles all around the world who want to settle down and to start a family. Such websites allow you to date online after creating a profile. The best thing about such a way of looking for the love of your life is that apps and matrimonial services are connecting people with similar personalities.

Where To Find A Filipina Bride

You won’t be fighting over minor things such as how to decorate your home, how to name your kids, etc. First of all, you will meet someone with mutual interests and a similar personality. And second, both of you want a family so you will be able to find a compromise. That’s the reason why dating sites are responsible for more happy marriages than ordinary ways of meeting your bride (like at a club, in the grocery store, etc.).

These are some benefits of creating an account on such a dating site:

  • Easy to meet a potential bride.
  • Precise matchmaking mechanism.
  • A great variety of candidates.
  • Simple interface.
  • Big communities.
  • No waste of time.
  • Comfortable atmosphere.

If you want to become a member of such a dating site and to meet Filipina girls for marriage, just pick one of the websites that is dedicated to Asian dating and create a profile. Make sure that you choose a decent and legit website without a huge number of scammers. Below you will find descriptions of the most reliable apps.

Asian Feels

The creators of the website had a dream of creating a place where people of different ages, social statuses, countries can meet their dream Asian brides. And they have succeeded. This site works like a proper Filipina wife finder since the searching tool has filters including the filters that determine from which country your bride should be. If you are interested in Filipina women, then this website is 100% for you.

Filipino Cupid

As you understand from the name of the platform, it is dedicated only to Filipina brides. Filipina women interested in western men can create accounts on this website. Men willing to start dating one of the Filipina ladies also create accounts and start searching for a suitable partner. 

The site is free to register but if you find an attractive Filipina bride, you have to purchase a membership to contact her. The membership won’t cost you a fortune and it is worth buying this subscription since you receive value.

Asia Charm

You can say that this is a mainstream site for Asian dating. You can and you will meet Filipina brides on this platform, but unlike in the previous example, you have to use filters and to indicate that you want to meet a Filipina woman. This site is used by women from Thailand, China, India, Kazakhstan, etc. 

The searching system is precise and makes sure that all members receive only those results that satisfy their needs. The protection system is decent and it won’t allow hackers to steal your data. The number of scammers is controlled by the staff of the company, they try to block them whenever someone reports them.

Cherry Blossoms

The owners of the site claim that they have created this website in 1975 and since then it is responsible for hundreds of thousand international marriages. It is one of the most preferred sites in Asian countries since 1991 and it aids members in their search of true love. Filipina brides prefer this platform and you can meet the woman of your dreams.

The registration is free for all the members as well as sending the introduction message. An introduction message is a short description of your personality and your goals, you can create it on your own for free. If you want to start communicating with potential Filipina brides, a subscription is required. 

Asian Melodies

Another perfect choice if you are searching for a Filipina girlfriend. The signup process will take about two minutes, although you will have to spend some time to complete a quiz about your goals, needs, preferences, etc. The site has a simple and pleasant for the eye design, it’s easy to start using this platform. If your intention is meeting a Filipina bride, then don’t forget to use the filters while searching and indicate this goal in our profile description.


Updated on May 2021

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