How To Seduce German Brides And Marry Them

German brides are astonished by their cold beauty. They’re smart. They’re also probably making bigger moves in life than many local men. No doubt, overseas grooms spend time on mail order brides websites trying to get girls’ favor. And German mail order brides are in high priority. So how exactly do you get in their good graces? Here’s a quick guide on how to seduce a German bride and engage her as a life partner.

Relationship With Single German Women: Pros And Cons

All men across the globe try dating German girls just because they believe these ladies are hot and sexually liberated. What else do these girls have to intrigue many men from different cultures?

What men like What men don’t accept
Face Features

Once you start exploring mail order bride services, you’ll see that Scandinavian ladies have beautiful faces and excellent complexions.


German people used to speak very loudly and free their emotions. Sometimes, you may want to make them quieter.

Good As Mothers

Mail order brides from Germany are quite serious about maternity, family duties. They are great mothers with traditional values. Most of all they want their children to become good people and have manners.


Many German girls make a first impression of being cold and hard to communicate. The thing is that they need a bit more time coming out of their shell.


A typical German bride likes to meet new people, especially foreigners, as Germany is a commonly visited country in Europe.

No Romance

These strict ladies aren’t the most romantic in the world. They don’t want a lovey-dovey relationship with chocolates and roses.

German Brides

Meet A German Bride That You Will Marry

German brides have much to impress a man. What should a foreign guy do to draw her attention? If you are serious about catching single German women, then you should know how to conquer their minds and hearts. Forget all your seducing techniques and follow these recommendations:

  • Keep a distance: These ladies don’t like to be lost to strangers. Try to keep some private space around to make your girlfriend feel comfortable.
  • Be loyal: Women like brutal men, but forget about arrogance and disrespect. To German beauties, loyalty means trust, a good attitude, and reliability.
  • Be gentle: You know that these iron ladies don’t like too much romance. But that doesn’t mean that you leave the things flowing. Be gentle and add some romance to your private life.
  • Tell the truth: Germany brides stick to men who can be their future husbands. If you don’t tell the truth about your intentions about the women, your chances to spend life with this woman are low.
  • Forget about splitting the bill: German ladies can offer to pay part of the bill on the date. Forget about that if you want to catch your partner’s attention.

How To Find A German Mail Order Bride

Many foreign guys believe that they are able to seduce a girl just because they came from another country. European women won’t come running to you just because you come from a different country. Germany is a big tourist country with many foreigners. You are not an exotic plant for mail order brides Germany. However, they are pretty open to communication if they really like you.

Use the following instruction to find the best platform for dating German brides.

  1. Check user interface: It is important to check how the website looks when you click on the home page. Are you satisfied with what you see?
  2. Check the platform navigation: Your further chatting and texting with a German bride depend on how easy you can navigate through the pages.
  3. Check the fees: Avoid free or extremely cheap Germany brides sites. They are not good at matchmaking. Chances of scamming or spamming are high on such sites.

After you have found a trustful mail order bride service where you can match your future German wife, pick the girl, and start communication.

Are German Mail Order Brides Brilliant Partners?

Before deciding how to approach a German bride, absorb a must-have minimum about Scandinavian rules and traditions, and try to focus on some peculiar traits that European women have.


Germany mail order brides have a unique physical attractiveness that leaves no one indifferent. You can meet skinny and chubby girls but all of them have beautiful faces and pretty hot figures. Their unique skin color is comparable to French and even Italian women but with a warmer undertone.

Good Health

Are Germany women for marriage healthy or not? These women are out of the question because Germany is one of the best-developed countries, known for its advanced healthcare.

Exceptional Style

Most beautiful German brides follow the basic fashion trends of Western culture. Expect your girl will wear something stylish and modern. These smart ladies can easily adapt to new trends and pick dresses that suit their figures.


German wives are faithful about relationships. They don’t like cheating and try to tell the truth about everything in a polite manner. They are good and loyal partners. That’s because European females wait for the same for their husbands. They don’t go for one-night affairs and support stability and open relationships.

Facts About A Marriage With A German Mail Order Bride

Most German wedding traditions are known worldwide, but there are also some regional traditions you can meet only in this part of the world. Read this information so you won’t be surprised when you participate in European wedding ceremonies.

Bachelor And Bachelorette Party

This is a popular American and even European tradition to invite friends for pre-wedding parties. Bars and clubs are the most suitable places. There is also an old tradition to sell alcohol shots for the bride’s kiss.


Before you meet German girls, learn something about the Polterabend tradition. It is celebrated one to three weeks before the wedding. All guests that come to the party bring old porcelain to break it at the party. The breaking is supposed to banish evil spirits. Don’t be afraid when guests throw porcelain toilets to break them.

Bride Shoes

Germany has taken many of the old American traditions. It’s important when a German bride buys the shoes using only one-cent coins. It’s weird but symbolizes that she can be thrifty. Later, after on a wedding day, the shoes go on sale by auction. Let your guests be ready to put money in their shoes. The groom comes in last with the biggest sum of money. Finally, he gives the shoes back to his German mail order bride.

Meet German Bride

Compare German Mail Order Brides With Women Other Nationalities

German mail order wives are brilliant but do they have any specific features that make them on the top of your choice?

Single German Women Are Fun

You are rather mistaken if you consider your strict and serious German woman gloomy and boring who are afraid of parties and clubs. These girls know everything about how to have fun. Especially when it’s October as Germany is quite famous for the Oktoberfest, you can meet German brides, sitting in the bar with a hundred different types of beer and other alcoholic beverages. Germans, especially single females like to go out on the weekends with friends and families. Keep in mind that having fun for a German woman means refilling and boosting energy.

One thing I have to mention is that European women like to dance a lot and they can dance till their feet start hurting so you might want to learn a few dance moves before going to Germany to marry a German girl. The endless list of bars and pubs that are Must-Visit can be found on the internet.

German Woman Likes Chilling Out

Before you meet German women, you should know about their unique ability to always look relaxed like they don’t have a care in the world. American girls are always in a hurry which is quite odd for Berlin and Munich. People here are more stable and quiet.

German Woman Likes Cooking

Not all women like cooking but Germans do! Even if you marry a German girl and will have an opportunity to dine in the restaurants every day, three times a day, don’t be surprised if your German lady will prefer staying at home and cooking. Home-made dinners are more popular in Germany than in the US, so you can expect your German girlfriend to be a great cook.

Why Are Mail Order German Brides Seeking Love On The Internet?

Beauties from Germany become internet brides and sign up for top Germany brides sites. American men believe these ladies are quite fond of us Americans. They look at foreign men as gallant, highly-educated, reliable, and passionate. Maybe this is because many American students study abroad, especially in Germany, and in this way, German wives have had the experience of meeting these intelligent gentlemen.

Why Dating German Girls On The Internet Is Ok

International dating is the easiest variant to get a German mail order wife and spend minimum time and money. Once you register on the site, you’ll have a chance to see what it’s like to date a European woman. They are open to chatting and meeting new people, so you will never have problems with an ideal match.

Final Thoughts About German Brides

Blue-eyed Scandinavian beauties always catch men’s attention and are popular even overseas. They are so much adored by the world for their harm, dedication, and level of education. These women are witty and hard working. You can find them employed in various sectors, where their efforts contribute to economic growth. They are hardworking women and brilliant wives.


How To Chat German Mail Order Brides?

It has never been so easy to determine your fate with the help of a German bride agency, but it can be challenging for foreign men to chat with them. These ladies are educated and intelligent. So, they will simply ignore you if you cannot interest them with a discussion topic. The best way to identify the thing you should chat about with your girlfriend is by checking her hobbies. How to know about her hobbies? Check her profile, read her comments and statements on a dating website. Ensure you choose topics that draw attention and emotions. Else, she will slip right on your grasp. To better hook her in your chats, talk about your life and love directions with her. Let her know your interest and prove it with words. Do not leave any puzzles for her to fill out.

How Loyal Are German Mail Order Brides?

All in all, German ladies are quite easy to approach, and if you do so with confidence and kindness, they’ll start to like you more and more as the conversation progresses, so in a way, they aren’t so different from most European women.

At What Age Can You Get Married In Germany?

Couples usually live together for months or years before they get married. Keep in mind, your Germany girl for marriage is really ready for an official ceremony. Most Europeans marry for the first time in their late 20s.