How To Find Russian Brides For Happy Marriage

Russian women have counted as the biggest country’s domain. Slavic beauty beats the world runways and the hearts of the most enviable foreign grooms. Single Russian women want to be loved, take care of husbands, kids, and have a comfortable life. Financial security leads to a happy married life. Russian brides marry relatively quickly, as Russia’s population counts more women than men. This leads to an even greater desire to marry Western men.

Relationship With Single Russian Women: Pros And Cons

We are used to hearing only words of admiration from foreign men regarding Russia brides. These female creatures are charming, intelligent, and strong-willed. And this is not an established stereotype: Slavic ladies have bright, attractive appearances, strong character, sharp minds, and profound wisdom. What do men like and don’t like when dating them?

What men like What men don’t accept
First Impression

Russian mail order brides always look luxurious and bright: curly hair, perfect manicures, the best makeup techniques.


Single Russian women, tired of cold and harsh Slavic men, are very susceptible to banal courtship typical of foreigners.


Slavic beauties are feminine, hot, and charming, opposite Western women.


Women want to show seriousness and status this way.

Loving partners

Beautiful Russian brides have a fantastic ability to adapt. In family life, this ability translates into boundless tolerance.


An exorbitant hunt for money and status especially oppresses love-seeking foreigners.

Meet A Russian Bride That You Will Marry

International marriage statistics show that most mail order brides from Russia choose overseas husbands. All these men believe that the best brides live in Eastern Europe. Signing up on a dating site for a serious relationship is half the battle. It is crucial to find the woman who suits you in all respects and keep her attention for a long time.

  • Be honest. When trying to impress a Russian bride, don’t take on non-existent dignity. The truth will still be revealed, and it will be unpleasant for everyone.
  • Better not tire the lady with uncertainty. Your priority is to conquer a Russian bride, not become her sad admirer.
  • You have the right to correspond with at least a dozen women – there will be no problems with this on free Russian brides sites. All girls are different, so don’t write general phrases but focus on personal qualities.
  • Do not start a conversation with “Hello. How are you?” when trying to meet Russian girls. Some people do without a greeting at all – this creates the illusion that you have known each other all your life and are continuing an interrupted conversation.
  • Be competent in speech and remain polite and appropriate in any situation.
  • If everything goes as it should, then in a week, you can safely ask the Russian bride for a phone number and invite you to a face-to-face meeting. It is not worth delaying this. Otherwise, everything will remain at the level of Internet affairs.

Russian Bride

How To Find A Russian Mail Order Bride

The popularity of marriages with foreigners especially increased in the 90s, and the number of Russia mail order brides abroad has been growing every year. Over the past 10 years, about 80 thousand women have left for the United States. In Russia, there are special mail order bride services that help girls find overseas husbands. Here is a step-by-step guide to follow:

  1. Choose a site: There are many resources on the network where you can really find love, but not all of them can offer quality services. Choose only the most popular and reputable dating sites to avoid wasting time.
  2. Attract the girl’s attention: To build a serious relationship as quickly as possible, register on 2-3 proven online resources.
  3. A man should take the first steps: A Russian bride will rarely take the initiative on a first date.
  4. Meet a Russian bride as fast as you can: If you understand that you are sympathetic to the girl, you can exchange phone numbers. Call her first and make an appointment. The biggest challenge people meet on mail order brides websites is avoiding face-to-face communication.

How Good Are Russian Mail Order Brides?

What impression does a Russian girlfriend make on foreigners? Why does the whole world respect and appreciate Russia girls? Here are some reasons why you should choose a bride from Russia.


Mail order brides in Russia take their sexuality very seriously. They are lucky with their genes, but they spend a lot of time and money on cosmetics. A woman will hardly leave the house without quality makeup and well-done hair. Russian ladies feel more confident when their appearance is under control.


The family goes first in the system of life coordinates of a Russian woman. Although girls in Russia study, work and build a career, their husbands and children are always a priority for them.


Most Russia women for marriage have a magnificent figure. Young girls take care of themselves from a young age. They visit a gym regularly, walk a lot, and don’t miss a chance to take dance classes.


How to distinguish a Slavic girl in the crowd? They go crazy for high heels and tights. Many Russian people go to work dressed the way Americans go to parties.


Most Russian beauties cook amazingly and learn this from childhood. Slavic ladies do not trust strangers to do housework. That is why they are ideal hostesses.

Personal Qualities

  • Russian wives are brilliant. A girl knows how to think, act, and live independently.
  • Slavic ladies are very loyal in love and life. The Russian woman will try to preserve any relationship, even destructive for her, just to avoid divorce. But do not abuse her tolerance: if she nevertheless decides to leave, she will go forever.

Facts About A Marriage With A Russian Mail Order Bride

If you want a modern and easy wedding, this does not mean that you should abandon old wedding traditions, because many of them will become a real decoration of the holiday!

Bride Price

A Russian wedding is impossible without a bride price that a groom should pay. But today, it has a purely symbolic, even humorous character. The groom needs to be more enthusiastic and smart to pass the test. But more and more often, there is a rejection of this tradition as a senseless waste of time and money – this is already a relic of the past.


To marry a Russian girl you should know that practically no family misses the blessing of the young because almost the absolute majority of the inhabitants of Slavic countries are deeply religious. It is customary to bless the young couple twice before going to the registry office and upon their arrival at the banquet.

Wedding Vows

The touching moment when your future Russian wife says the most sincere and tender words of love in front of all the guests will undoubtedly become a wedding ceremony decoration.

Gifts To Each Other

The wedding is your responsibility, so why not please your Russian mail order bride with lovely gifts? It does not have to be something expensive at all. The symbolism of the gift is much more important, what meaning it will have for the two of you.

First Dance

The first dance with a charming Russian lady is a wonderful tradition that allows you to make something that will emphasize your individuality and the mood of the holiday.

Meet Russian Bride

Compare Russian Mail Order Brides With Women Other Nationalities

Here are the top unexpected differences between American women and Russian ladies. Some differences will destroy the established stereotypes because you didn’t even know about many things. Try to figure out which girls you like the most – Slavic or American.


The first difference is the well-known American feminism. In general, America is, in fact, almost the birthplace and cradle of the modern movement of female feminism. Just imagine, do you often meet feminists when dating a Russia girl for marriage? In America, you meet feminists everywhere.


The next colossal difference is the attitude towards marriage. A Russian woman believes that she should get married well, just because she should. And if she has not married, she is defective, a loser, and life is wasted.


The US females are much more confident than Russian mail order wives. Of course, they also face domestic violence, but this is rather a rare exception.

Why Are Mail Order Russian Brides Looking For Husbands On The Internet?

The average man from abroad earns 5-10 times more than Slavic singles and can afford a better life. An own house, 2 cars (for wife and husband), regular trips abroad, dinners in restaurants – in Slavic countries these are a level for rich people. But in Western realities, it is a very average income.

Dating Russian girls, ask them about their dreams. You can often meet Russian girls on dating sites because they want a better life. In a stable country, the girl has more opportunities to advance in her career. The fact that you are not local does not bother you at all. A Russian woman can earn a high salary abroad even in the most common “female” professions such as a teacher, an educator, or a nurse.

Why Dating Russian Girls On The Internet Is Ok

Why are dating sites in such demand? There are no secrets here!

  • You can meet Russian brides anywhere and anytime without worrying about your status, appearance, and material condition.
  • Secondly, it is much easier to strike up a romantic relationship over the Internet than in real life. It is especially true for shy and indecisive guys who get lost in the presence of unfamiliar girls.
  • Thirdly, an offer to meet Russian women will be perceived adequately on a popular mail order bride service. Each user came to the site with a completely understandable purpose, so you can communicate even with those women whom you wouldn’t dare to talk to in real life.

Final Thoughts About Russian Brides

Most foreigners note the calm nature of Russian wives, purity, and unique Slavic charm. They very rarely require impossible from their partners. A Russian mail order wife doesn’t believe that her man should sacrifice everything for the sake of one woman. From the perspective of foreigners, they are pretty independent and have strong personalities.

Most foreigners say that Slavic brides admire them and make them fall in love at first sight. Experts even argue that girls from East Europe are not so important a man’s material status as his love, a desire to make her happy.


Does Russia Have Mail Order Girlfriends?

International marriages have long enjoyed immense popularity. This phenomenon dates back to the mid-90s. According to statistics from the US Department of Justice, over the past 10 years, there have been about 60 000 Slavic girls who left their motherland and took American citizenship.

How Much Does It Take Dating Russian Brides?

Here are a few points to sum up the general price: Russian bride agency: Some dating platforms offer a monthly subscription for around $10, while others go up to $50 and higher. Country of bride’s citizenship: The round trip from New York to Moscow will cost you around $600-$800. Extra spending.

How To Find Russian Mail Order Brides?

To marry a Russian girl, you need time. But if you are limited in time, you can find love in a couple of weeks with the help of top Russia brides sites. Don’t trust agencies that promise you the perfect bride for a small fee of a couple of thousand dollars. Most likely, you will be left without money and without a wife.