Philippine Brides

If you are looking forward to meeting Philippine mail order wives, you have several ideas to choose from. Today, we don’t even need to leave our apartments to find a match! But surely, some people might be happy to go out and meet someone in person.

In this article, you will find quite a few ways of finding gorgeous Philippine mail order brides. You should also check out some dating tips in case you will travel to the said country or will use online means of finding a bride.

Why Choose Philippine Brides?

Why Philippine brides? Why not brides from Italy, Britain, Brazil? The reasons why many men choose marrying a Philippine woman are diverse. These brides are:

  • Timid and modest.
  • Hot and attractive.
  • Feminine and have a special charm.
  • Barely ever yell, they use words to reason with people.
  • Family-oriented.
  • Prefer traditional gender roles.
  • Are into having children.

When you marry a Philippine lady, you get a loyal and affectionate partner. She is more open-minded than women from other Asian countries. These beauties are less prejudiced, and overall they are amazing brides.

Meet Philippine Brides

A Philippine Mail Order Brides: Personality Traits

All brides are unique, but some of them have similar traits. When it comes to Philippine beauties, here are some common traits:

  • Friendliness.
  • Desire to have a family.
  • Emotional matureness.
  • Wisdom.
  • Believe in family values.

To get to know your girlfriend better, you would have to spend time together.

Where To Meet A Philippine Bride?

So, where to meet Philippine brides? You have quite a few options to choose from. You are very lucky if you live in the US or Canada since a lot of Philippine beauties live in these countries. But overall, check out the following options and choose the one which suits your personality.

Use Apps

It’s one of the easiest ways of meeting Philippine wives. You just need to choose a reliable platform and create an account. A lot of people prefer dating online, so you have a high chance of meeting a perfect match. Plus, these websites have amazing matchmaking systems to make sure you find a perfect date.

Ask Friends

If you live in the US or Canada, you may be highly lucky. Ask friends whether they know Philippine wives. Friends know about your preferences, so they might suggest some amazing options.

Seek At Work

In a similar vein, ask colleagues if they know Philippine women. You might even find someone on your own if you start visiting corporate events. Don’t skip them!

Travel To The Philippines

The obvious option to choose is to travel to the said country. The downfall of such an option is you can’t say who of the beautiful brides you meet are into dating foreigners. Perhaps, most women want to date local guys, or they don’t believe you have serious intentions. But the option is worth a try.

How To Charm Beautiful Philippine Ladies?

If you are into Philippine mail order brides, you need some sort of a guide to make sure you are successful. You may be every lady’s favorite when it comes to dating local women, but it might be slightly different with Philippine beauties. The reason is the differences in mentality.

You grow up in one culture, some people grow up in other cultures. The differences in upbringing and societies are crucial and should be considered. This is why you may find these tips useful when trying to charm Philippine women for marriage:

  • The Philippine wives are not as traditional as other Asian brides. It should be easy to date your potential girl from the said country, but note that you would have to eventually meet her family. To win their affection, you need to behave according to traditions, so speak to your girlfriend about that.
  • Family is the most important thing in the world. If you are lucky to have friendly relationships within your family, you may use that to your benefit. Talk about your family members to show that you are of marriage material.
  • Make the first move. Girls from the Philippines are conventional, meaning they believe in traditional gender roles. If you want to win the heart of one of the hot Philippine brides, you need to make a move first.
  • Avoid showing signs of affection in public. If you met one of the hot Philippine girls in the US or Canada, then she might be raised in these countries. It’s different in the Philippines though, so make sure to follow the rules of the country you are visiting.
  • Pay when going to restaurants or elsewhere. It’s not too popular to go Dutch in the Philippines, although it could happen. Be ready to pay when you go out.
  • Respect her religion, country, beliefs, etc.

When in a relationship, a typical Philippine bride thinks it is leading somewhere. Even though Philippine people are more open-minded than other Asian nationalities, they still believe in marriage and family. So, when trying to find a date, women think about the future. If you prove that you have serious intentions, consider you are halfway to the victory of winning the heart of a beautiful Philippine bride.

Dating Philippine Women Online: Safety Tips

When looking for mail order brides, it is usually a positive dating experience. It is fun to communicate online from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you have a chance to make a great first impression since you have time to think about what you want to say.

But sometimes, when you are trying to find a Philippine woman, some other people might be seeking someone to scam. Yes, scammers and fake profiles are not new to dating platforms. Every website has fake profiles, although they are rare on paid websites since these scammers would have to pay. But even if you are utilizing the best, most reliable paid site, you may catch the attention of a scammer.

To avoid such situations and to gain only pleasant experiences while enjoying dating sites, here are a few tips:

  • Communicate only with women who have full profiles. If you see someone with a half-cooked profile, it’s not worth a try. If the dating platform allows it, the profile should have more than one photo. Pay attention to too professional photos, those pictures might not belong to the “woman” behind the profile.
  • Consider using websites that have verification procedures. Some sites make sure to allow only one profile per IP address, others require sending scans of ID with a photo to prove the identity. Just choose apps that have some control over how many fake profiles are out there.
  • Use HTTPS websites. If the site starts with HTTP, it’s not safe. The whole internet is using HTTPS nowadays since it’s safer. If the website doesn’t use this certificate, it’s probably because they couldn’t get it because of their suspicious activity.
  • Block and report members who ask for money. The typical story on all dating sites is that someone has a dying relative, and they need money for surgery. Note, it’s not just when you are dating hot Philippine women, you can receive such requests from people of all nationalities. So, report and block even if you have been chatting for a while.
  • Do not ever post your address. It’s not safe, and that’s one of the reasons that some websites that allow users to send real presents use third party services. Instead of you sending a package, third-party services to it.
  • Do not reveal important information. Keep important and sensible data to yourself, don’t reveal the bank account info, insurance number, etc.

Most of us look forward to having fun when dating online, but some are waiting for trusting people to scam them. So be careful and use these tips.


The easiest option to meet Philippine brides is to use dating websites. But be careful when dating online. If you want to get only positive experiences when seeking beautiful Philippine brides, then follow the mentioned simple advice and be happy!


What Philippine Girls Want For Their Wedding?

Some Philippine wives prefer traditional wedding ceremonies, others want something more western. For example, walking down the aisle and giving wedding vows. As for the wedding gift, it is mainly the concern of the guests. When it comes to the ring, most Philippine ladies prefer something conventional, for example, a gold or a platinum ring. The precious stone for the engagement ring depends on personal tastes. 

Can You Actually Mail Order A Philippine Girl?

No, it’s not possible to mail order wives from the Philippines. You can simply date someone online, mail ordering is not possible since around the 18th century. And even then it was different than it sounds. To mail or order someone, you simply needed to check the newspapers. Men were actually doing a similar thing, they also posted announcements that they were looking for wives. 

How Can I Impress A Philippine Girl?

To impress single Philippine women, you need some basic things. The very first thing is to respect your potential girlfriend. Another thing is to treat your beautiful girl as an equal, it will be a pleasant surprise. You may also learn some basic phrases in Filipino, although the majority of people speak English since it’s the second official language in the Philippines. Overall, be romantic, memorize special dates, and shower your girlfriend with love and attention.