Filipino Women for Marriage: A Full Guide

If you want to find a beautiful, smart, sexy, and loyal woman you should draw your attention to women of Philippines. You may feel surprised since the Philippines is such a small country on the other side of the world, and you even start asking: “ Is it true that brides in Philippines become best wives?” In our article, we would try to provide you with as many facts about women from the Philippines so you can see for yourself why a bride from Philippines could become for you the best Filipino bride, so women from other countries could never take a chance against a Filipino woman. If you’re ready, fasten your fast belts, cause our next stop is the Philippines.

Filipino Women: Let’s Talk About Statistics

Once you decide to find a Filipino girl for marriage, you can start doubting your choice. Even when it comes to the choice of your heart your brain may start to create some intrusive thoughts. In case you may be windy from time to time it can hurt your pretty Filipino lady. It is why we’d like to create a separate paragraph that would be dedicated to the statistics of marriages and relationships with beautiful Filipino women for marriage. We hope that after reading this section all your doubts could be dispelled so you could be able to find a Filipino bride Philippines and create a happy family.

Statistics About Foreign Marriages With Beautiful Filipino Brides for Marriage

According to the last statistics research in the year 2019 there have been more than 15 thousand international marriages in the Philippines. What is more important, most of these 15 thousand marriages consist of Filipino ladies for marriage that married a man from other countries? In percentage, around 90% of Filipino women married foreign men, and only 10% of Filipino men married women from other countries. As you may have noticed, Filipino ladies for marriage are more interested in marrying guys from other countries. So as you can see luck is on your side.

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Rates of Divorce With Filipino Brides

In case you’ve already started wondering how to marry a Filipino woman for marriage, you can also have questions about the rates of divorces. In this case, we hasten to calm you since Fillipine even does not have a process of divorce in their country. Divorce in the Philippines is called annulations, and the rates of these procedures have remained low in recent decades. There are no recent statistics about divorce rates between brides Filipino women and foreigners, but it is because for example, the rate of divorce between American men and Filipino single women is so low, so nobody is doing statistics on it.

Are There A Lot Of Single Filipino Women?

If you start wondering how to marry a woman from Philippines, you also may have a logical question: “ Are there many single Filipino ladies for marriage?” In order to find an answer to this matter let’s take a closer look at the composition of the population in the Philippines. The population of the Philippines is around 100 million people. And despite the fact that in the last decades male single population is a little bit bigger. There are still millions of single and pretty Filipino ladies that are waiting to meet their love.

How Much Does It Cost You to Date Filipino Women?

In this section, we’d like you to provide some recent information about airfares to the Philippines. We’ll provide you with information about costs for accommodation and some other expenses that may appear when you start dating Filipino ladies. For your convenience, we have collected some recent information in the table below.

Estimated cost
Airfare E.g. $600 (1 person)
Accommodations E.g. $500
Attractions E.g. $500
Food and drink E.g. $300 (2 people)
Gifts E.g. $300
Total $2,200

Airfare to Filipino Brides

As you may understand from our table, airfare is the most expensive spending during your trip to the Philippines. In case you take a flight from Europe or USA an average price for a ticket to meet beautiful Filipino brides will cost you around $1,000. But do not get upset, since you would be able to find a ticket for 800 if you search at the right time. In any case, what does $1,000 mean to you when you are able to meet your future Filipino wife in this beautiful country. Think about that.


Let’s talk about spending on accommodation once you come to meet Filipino girls in the Philippines. Do not worry about this, since even if you have $5 in your pocket you will be able to spend the night at some cheap hotel. The accommodation in the motherland of beautiful Filipino ladies is really cheap and you are able to have a lux suit for a week for $300. So you will not have to spend all your time at the home of your Philippine bride.

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Attractions to Visit With Filipino Brides

You have a lot of opportunities in the Philippines to spend time with your brides from the Philippines. However, do not worry, attractions in the Philippines are not so expensive, of course in case you would not try some exotic sports such as diving or surfing. For some regular attractions such as cinemas or amusement parks. On average you spend around $200 a week for attractions with some girls from Philippines.

Food and Drink

When you will be walking in some Filipino city with your Filipino girl for marriage, be sure that you will have an opportunity to try a lot of tasty food there. There will be a lot of seafood, some exotic fruits, and national dishes. But what is more important is that street food in the Philippines is really cheap. So you need to try hard to spend a lot of money on food. And also be sure that Filipino girls know a lot about the local food and tasty snacks, so you also have your personal food guide by your side. In case be sure that you could try only tasty snacks since every Filipino woman has an amazing taste in food.

Gifts for Filipino Brides

Once you decide to fly to the Philippines and marry a Philippine girl, you will surely think about some gifts for Filipino girls for marriage. Be sure that Filipino girlfriends will definitely like some expensive presents, but do not start to worry, because local women never gonna ask you for a car or jewelry on your first date. Once you start to meet Filipino women, you can easily buy them flowers or little presents, and local women will be totally happy with that. We can assure you that in the first stages of your relationships you will not spend more than $300 for Filipino women brides.

The Attitude of Filipino Women Toward Marriages With Foreigners

If you want to meet Filipino ladies it’s logical that you will have some questions about their attitude toward marriage Philippines girl with foreigners. It is why in this section we’d like to provide you with some reasons why Filipino brides for marriage prefer dating and marrying foreigners more than local guys.

  • Brides of Philippines are looking for a better life. The main reason why Philippine brides marry foreigners is because local women want to have a better life. Let’s be honest, if brides from Philippines stay in their country and marry local guys, local women will not have an opportunity for professional or personal growth. It is why most Filipino women dream about meeting the right guy and moving to another country.
  • Filipino women for marriage like foreigners more. We are not saying once you will meet Filipino brides all of them will fall in love with you. However, be sure that there will be a lot of them who will definitely like you. Nobody knows the main reason why Filipino women like foreigners more, so let’s just take this as a fact. So, Be sure that a lot of Filipino women looking for marriage will definitely like you, and you will have a great chance to start a relationship with some beauty from the Philippines.
  • Local women want a family free from prejudice. Be sure that Filipino wives want a happy family. It’s why really often they want to create their own family as soon as possible. The reason for that is that family bonds in Philippine traditional families are really strict, it is why once you are gonna propose to marry Filipino woman, most of them will say yes immediately. And your Filipino mail order bride will begin to build your family’s happiness right when you’ll start a life together.
  • Filipino women want to realize themselves. Despite the fact that women want a better life for their own families, most Filipino women are also dreaming about creating themselves. You can’t even imagine how many Filipino women want to have a job and go on their own career path, but unfortunately, there are not a lot of opportunities for them in the Philippines. But, that doesn’t mean that she will ask you to find her a job or help you to get some positions. She will do it all by herself; the only thing that she needs is a place with opportunities. And it is also another significant reason why Philippine brides do not want to marry local guys.

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Filipino Brides Dating: What Are The Best Ways To Find a Filipino Wife?

So finally you have made a choice to meet Filipino women for marriage, and you may start thinking what are the best ways. Do not worry, because in this section we have collected some best ways that will help you to know the beauty of Philippines dating as soon as possible. Of course, you are free to choose the preferable way to finally have a marriage with a Philippines girl, the choice is up to you.

  • Filipino brides agency. It is one of the most trusted ways that will help you to find Philippine brides. In these special agencies, you will be able to meet a perfect Filipino woman, who is especially looking for foreign guys like you. Of course, it is also the most expensive way to find a Filipino woman to marry, but in case you turn out to be some reliable agency, you will go in there as a bachelor and go out as a guy who will marry soon.
  • Online dating services or apps. This is another great way to find a Filipino girlfriend even without leaving your own country. Just by typing “meet Filipino women online” you will receive dozens of different apps and dating platforms such as Philippines women com. What is more important, unlike the brides’ agencies you will be able to find some apps where you will be able to find Filipino mail order brides really quick and what is more important absolutely free of any charges.

Tips To Avoid Fraudulence In the Philippines

Like in any other country in which you have never been before, there always can be a little chance to get into the hands of frauds because there will be a lot of people who will want to cash in on your dream to find a Filipino woman. In order to avoid any type of fraud that you can meet both on the Internet and in real life, we would provide you with some tips that can be really helpful when you begin to look for Filipino women.

  • Do not give money to unknown services. The first thing that you need to remember is not to sign up for any unknown services that will promise you to find a Filipino woman in 10 minutes. Once you hear this type of talk, be sure that you have just talked to frauds. Take a note to always check the testimonials of the previous customers, no matter if you deal with an online app or special Filipino brides agencies.
  • Think Twice Before Making A Decision. Of course, when it comes to love you can succumb to the will of feelings. But do not fall in the hands of the first woman that will tell you that she loves you. Some women in the Philippines will only intend to use you, so even if you meet a perfect woman that will tell you that she falls in love with you from the first sight, do not lose your head and always think twice.

What Are The Characteristics Of The Filipino Wives?

If you still have some doubts that Filipino women are considered the best wives in the world, in this section, we have collected some main characteristics of Filipino women.

  • Caring. Be sure that your Filipino bride will always take care of you no matter what.
  • Supportive. In any life situation be sure that your beautiful Filipino bride will always support you. Doesn’t matter what happened, you can always count on her and know that she will always be near you.
  • Loving. She will love you more than anything in this world. Be sure that all other men will disappear for your Filipino woman and you will be the one and only for her.


Should I Marry Filipino Women?

Once you marry Filipino girl you will never regret this choice, since this beauty will be the best woman for you.

How Do You Get Filipino Brides?

You can easily find Filipino brides on special dating sites and dating apps absolutely free. However, do not forget about Filipino brides agencies and of course, you can meet a lot of Filipino beauties for marriage when you come to the Philippines.

Is It Easy to Marry Filipino Women?

Surely you will need to make the Filipino beauty fall in love with you, but after she will look at you with her loving sight, be sure that she will tell you “yes” at the right moment. So there will be no difficulties with this.