North Korean Brides And How To Conquer Them

North Korea is one of the most mysterious regions. People live there by other rules, which are not familiar to the Western world. North Korean mail order wives are often neglected and undervalued. But how can such attractive ladies be uninteresting to local men? What is hidden behind their strict rules and values? In this article, we will shed light on brides from North Korea. Read and discover for yourself whether it is worth it to marry one of these women or stop trying to conquer them.

Marriage With North Korean Mail Order Brides: Pros and Cons

There is a stereotype that a North Korean bride is a strict woman who can do men’s work. Many people imagine her standing in military uniforms and carrying weapons. But the times have changed, and women in North Korea are no longer soldiers. They are feminine, caring, and loving. There are no ideal people, and these ladies are not an exception. See in what these women are masters and in what they are imperfect.

Advantages Disadvantages
Local brides are caring. You will be very happy with a local girl because she will treat you with love and support. No matter what happens in your life, you can always count on your wife. She will even care more about you than about herself. These ladies can be clingy. Korean brides will want to constantly keep in touch with you. Whether you go, you will have to tell your girlfriend. And this is not because she doesn’t trust. It is because she wants to be aware of everything in your life.
They want a family. You will not have to persuade your girlfriend to start a family. She will be eager to marry you as soon as she feels that she is into you. And if she has to sacrifice for the good of her family, she will do that without hesitation. Brides from North Korea don’t show their relationships. If it comes to hugs and kisses in public, then your girlfriend will not be happy about it. You had better get used to that if you want to date a North Korean woman.
Women in North Korea adore kids. In Asian countries, a family is not complete if it has no children. In this matter, Western ladies can only envy Eastern women because the latter are very dedicated to their children. They share everything with their relatives. In this country, people support good connections between generations. And even mature women will tell everything about you to their parents.
Local girls are educated and capable of working on a par with men. These are not North Korean beauties that will only rely on their husbands. Ladies can earn money by themselves without any complaint. It is normal for Koreans to work equally. Local females are very hard-working. And it can be a problem when your woman thinks only about her career. Korean girls work extra hours, refuse to take a day off, and think only about achieving goals.

Meet North Korean Girls for Marriage

North Korean Girls Dating

Some men think that dating brides from North Korea is not easy. But with modern technologies, it takes a little to meet a Korean beauty. You can go on dating sites and find women you like. Pay attention to some features that will help you to easily find and meet your soulmate.

  • Don’t date a North Korean mail order bride if you don’t want to marry her. Local ladies expect to have serious relationships with foreign men. That is why they can be biased toward you.
  • Wait for her response. North Korean ladies think a lot before dating men. Don’t be upset if a woman doesn’t respond at once. Relationships are very important for Korean people as it shows the desire of a couple to become a family.
  • Send her virtual gifts and bouquets. If you think that virtual gifts will not bring joy to your partner, then you are wrong. It is a great chance to show that you are indeed interested in a woman. Brides love getting cute things from their boyfriends.
  • Dedicate her a lot of time. When a local bride decides to date you, she expects to be with you all the time, even virtually. Don’t let her think she is not important to you. Keep in touch everywhere with your girlfriend.
  • Don’t spare money for your beloved one. Pretty North Korean girls appreciate when men pay for them in the restaurants, buy them expensive gifts, and provide for them. They also love to get gifts on special occasions like celebrating anniversaries and so on.
  • Be attentive to your woman. Notice her changes in appearance, praise her, support her and do whatever she feels like a queen with you.

How to Find a North Korean Mail Order Bride

Nowadays, you don’t have to fly thousands of miles to look for a perfect lady. You should have a connection to the Internet and a desire to find love. Dating services are gaining popularity among young people in North Korea. As there are many sites that connect American husbands with Eastern wives, it is crucial to find a perfect place for dating. Follow this step-by-step guide on how to choose a dating service.

  • Choose only trusted websites. Before you start using one platform, read reviews about it on other sites. Find users’ testimonials and successful love stories to be sure the site can give you what you want. A good website has many active users, a world-famous name, and awards in the dating sphere.
  • Pay attention to the platform’s security. It is the most important rule to keep in mind. As you share with the site your information and even billing details, the protection of information should be at a high level. It relates to communication as well. Don’t write anything personal in chats where many people can see it.
  • Find a platform with real girls. There are cases when fake people use other members on dating sites. You can see it if a person writes to you from the first minutes on the site or if a person behaves suspiciously. Good platforms have strict verification, which helps to avoid fake accounts.
  • Think about communication tools. As the only place to communicate with your partner is the site or app, it should provide all necessary tools. Users should be equipped with chat, video chat, gift delivery, photo exchange, and so on.
  • Study carefully all free and paid features. If the site limits you in basic features like sending winks, saying hi, then how will you find hot North Korean women? Good websites invite members to use a trial version to feel the platform.
  • Analyze its target audience. Even if the site is full of single North Korean women, it doesn’t guarantee success for you. Girls also have different intentions on dating services. Some of them look for friends, and some want to marry a man from abroad.
  • Test several platforms. To find the right service, you should shift through many other sites. It takes time, but it is worth it.

How Good Are North Korean Women for Marriage?

Family is the most important institution in North Korean society. Brides tend to marry at an early age to quickly become mothers. Every girl from her childhood dreams to find a husband and celebrate a wedding. Marrying a North Korean woman means having close relations with relatives. Nowadays, families live in two generations: parents and their youngest children with their families. And you will have to prepare for being close to your father-in-law and mother-in-law. In the family, a husband is the main one. A wife should always obey him. Women do house duties, raise children, and sometimes if they have the time, they work. You will be very lucky if you marry one of the local girls. Your beautiful wife will be your greatest support. And be sure, you will always be treated with respect and love.

North Korean Mail Order Bride

Facts You Should Know About Beautiful North Korean Brides for Marriage

Weddings are a special part of creating a family in North Korea. Local brides look forward to this ceremony because it is an official confirmation of their relationships. People marry in the same traditional way as their ancestors. However, the wedding ceremony is not as big as it was in the past. See which traditions are obligatory when marrying hot North Korean girls.

  • Every couple should visit the Kim Il Sung monument on their wedding day. It is not demanded, but people continue this tradition.
  • Newlyweds wear their national hanbok wedding dresses. They are very bright and colorful.
  • Grooms visit the brides’ houses and eat wedding food. Local brides do the same in their husbands’ places of living.
  • As a gift, a man should gift clothes and cosmetics to mail order wives from North Korea. A groom cares about the house, and a bride cares about bringing five furniture items and six electronic items.
  • The ceremony itself is conducted at a newlyweds house or cultural center. They invite parents, relatives, and colleagues from work.
  • People prepare everything for the wedding by themselves: decorations, food, fun activities.

North Korean Wives and Other Women

Every woman is unique. And not all women have the same character traits or appearance. But there are some features that unite hot North Korean brides and that are not typical for other ladies. See them in the table below.

North Korean Brides Other Brides
They are family-orientated. If you want to date North Korean women, you can easily think of marriage. An Eastern woman will give you love and support. Those are the qualities every man needs to feel to be successful. Many women nowadays choose not to have kids and a family. They don’t put a family in the center of their interests and don’t plan to give birth.
Local females love to work. Don’t worry about the family budget. Oriental brides can also make money. In this matter, it will be easier to cope with finances as your wife also will add her earnings. Not all ladies can make money. The majority of girls want an international family because they look for rich foreigners and not for love.
They respect their parents. When you marry a female from North Korea, she will love her parents and yours as well. Your wife will try to be the best daughter-in-law. A lot of Western families are separated from their relatives. And they don’t help each other as it should be between family members.

Final Thoughts About North Korean Mail Order Brides

Do you want to experience real feelings with North Korean mail order brides from North Korea? If your answer is yes, then our article was very helpful for you. Don’t wait for beautiful North Korean women to write to you. Find them online and start creating your love story now!


How Can I Impress A North Korean Girl?

You don’t have to be a movie star to find North Korean women. You have to be polite and ready for a serious relationship. These mail order brides love strong men: physically and mentally. Be patient with her decisions, send her lovely messages, and keep in touch with her everywhere.

What Do North Korean Brides Want For Their Wedding?

A traditional example of a wedding gift from a groom is a house. Men are responsible for providing women with a place of living. But the most valuable thing is your loyalty.

How To Meet North Korean Singles?

You can easily meet North Korean brides on dating services. They know about online dating and know how it works. Choose a suitable website, create your profile, and dive into thousands of attractive Korean brides.