Chinese Mail Order Brides: Top Ideas to Meet Women for Marriage

Thanks to globalization and people freely moving between countries, we can meet people of other nationalities or races. A lot of men appreciate the beauty of Chinese mail order wives, so they wish to try dating these beauties. No wonder, Chinese gorgeous brides are charming, faithful, very feminine, and overall seem to be marriage material.

The good news is that Chinese brides are also into men from abroad. As a result, many interracial couples are now enjoying their “happily ever after”. Even if you don’t live near China, or in a country with diasporas, you can meet beauties from the said country. If you wish to settle down but need to meet a partner first, you have amazing options to choose from.

Read the following article to learn where and how you may meet love from China. If you are determined to start dating a beautiful Chinese bride, you may also read some dating tips to charm a potential Chinese wife.

Why Choose Chinese Brides?

Apart from attractiveness and unique beauty, what are other reasons to start dating beauties from China? Here are to name a few:

  • Chinese wives are family-oriented.
  • Ladies from the said country want families with kids.
  • Chinese wives tend to take care of children and the household.

Overall, marrying a Chinese girl means getting a partner. Your wife will be supportive, loving, and caring. She believes in traditional values and gender roles.

Typical Chinese Mail Order Brides: Looks And Personality

Before you start seeking Chinese brides, check out more about their looks and personalities. If you can appreciate the physical appearance by simply googling how these beauties look, the personality is different. Learn more about the personalities of brides from China below.


A typical Chinese bride values fair skin and dark long hair. These brides have a natural beauty and they know how to highlight it. Brides from China are petite, with delicate figures, long dark and shiny hair. They wear makeup that flatters their unique beauty. Overall, the appearance of these women screams femininity and special charm.


It is typical for Chinese women to be feminine and charming. But what else is so special about brides from the said country? Here are a few key factors to learn about.

Meet Chinese Brides


It is typical for gorgeous Chinese women for marriage to be oriented toward creating families. The main purpose in life is to become happy. If you don’t have a family, you don’t have your support system. And these beauties love children!


The greatest thing about beautiful brides for marriage is that they are faithful to their husbands no matter what. A lot of little girls dream about getting married and having families. When these girls grow up, they still want to be happy, have husbands and children.


It’s a well-known fact that Chinese girls aren’t just smart and hard-working, they are also wise. Brides from the said country work hard when studying, but they also have wisdom when it comes to romantic relationships.


If you meet Chinese brides, you will learn that they are very friendly. It’s fun to spend time with beautiful brides from China since they have interesting personalities. Moreover, these beauties are very curious, so they are eager to speak to foreigners.

Prefer Romance

Most Chinese girls and brides prefer romance. Meaning, they love romantic dates, celebrating various important dates and anniversaries. Brides from China also love to shower their loved ones with attention and care.

Where To Meet A Chinese Mail Order Bride?

If you are interested in marrying a Chinese woman but don’t believe you can find a bride from China, you have options. Here is where you may meet beauties from the said country:

  • On online dating platforms.
  • By checking whether there are diasporas in your country (useful if you live in the States or Canada).
  • By traveling to China or countries visited by Chinese wives.

One of the easiest methods to use is the dating app. Below in the article, you will find platforms to choose from.

Websites To Encounter Chinese Brides For Marriage: Top Ideas

If you are determined to meet Chinese ladies, you have quite a few online dating websites to choose from. Here are some of the best, most reliable, and used options.


chinalovecupid main page

When someone wants to meet Chinese brides online, they use ChinaLoveCupid. The platform clearly caters to the interests of men and women who wish to find love in China. ChinaLoveCupid has a rather big audience consisting of Chinese women who wish to get married to foreign men.


  • Has a big audience in China.
  • Precise matchmaking.
  • Several fun additional features to use.
  • Offers convenient packages to buy (plans).


  • Has quite a few unfinished profiles that keep popping up.


Eharmony main page

If you thought you can find beautiful Chinese brides only on specific sites from China, then you are wrong. eHarmony has one of the biggest audiences out there. But the best thing about eHarmony is its amazing matchmaking algorithm. If you live in the US or Canada, you may even meet a Chinese bride without traveling! But since eHarmony is rather popular in other countries, everyone may meet a girlfriend from China.


  • A huge audience of active members.
  • Fun additional features.
  • The best matchmaking algorithm based on compatibility.
  • Additional personality and compatibility tests to get the best matches.


  • Mainly useful if you live in the US, China, or Canada.

How To Charm Beautiful Chinese Brides?

If you are planning to start dating hot Chinese women, you need a few tips to be successful. Here are some interesting pieces of advice to make sure you are successful at dating beautiful Chinese women:

  • Be polite and respectful.
  • Learn some basic phrases in the language of your girlfriend.
  • Show respect for older people – it’s an important part of the culture in Asia overall.
  • Try to show interest in the well-being of your potential wife.
  • Do not believe in stereotypes and cliches.

Just show genuine interest in your potential girlfriend. Try to be romantic, memorize important dates, etc. Every woman believes in romantic fairy tales that lead to marriage and happy life together. Sure, eventually we all develop friendly feelings towards each other after spending 20+ years together. But in the beginning, we should enjoy romance and passion.

Dating Chinese Women Online: How To Stay Safe?

When dating hot Chinese girls online, you would expect a fun and pleasant user experience. But sometimes scammers hide behind beautiful pictures. To avoid being scammed, follow these simple rules:

  • Use websites that start with HTTPS.
  • If you are using dating apps, make sure they are available on the Play Market and the App Store.
  • Block users who ask for money.
  • Do not communicate with those users who have incomplete profiles.

The simple tips should keep you safe and happy!


If you are into Chinese beauties, you are in luck since you can use dating sites to meet them. Even if you live in the States or Canada, you can still use apps since they can match you with ladies of Chinese descent nearby. It’s worth a shot trying since you may meet your love without even leaving the country!


How Can I Impress A Chinese Girl?

To impress a woman from China, you have quite a few options. First, learn some basic phrases in Chinese. You can make sure from what region your girlfriend is from because in some cities Mandarin is more used. Try to earn the respect of her parents, it should also impress her. Be romantic and show interest in her well-being.

Why Are Chinese Wives So Beautiful?

One of the reasons why western men and women see ladies from China so attractive is their uniqueness. Whether it’s their special charm or the influence of centuries-old culture, we see them as attractive petite women.

What Chinese Wives Want For Their Wedding?

Wedding traditions in the western world and China are different. There is one thing that is common for both countries and it's jewelry as a gift. If you have found a woman to marry and spend the rest of your lives, you should consider a nice piece of jewelry. Gold is preferred in China. As for the wedding, it depends on the woman you are getting married to.