About Us

Bride99 is a research and consulting firm to help singles find the best dating site. The company provides professional advice on how to date online, which sites are worth joining, why people should stay away from certain sites, who they should avoid talking to, what information you should share with potential dates or not share at all. This includes advice about how to use your profile photos wisely and what questions you can ask when chatting with someone online. Bride99 also offers articles in different languages for international readers looking for love abroad.

How we make money

We want to inform you that our site is absolutely free, thus, we are paid by international dating agencies for helping them to find new clients and promote their services. The more people use international dating sites, the better for us. That’s why we cooperate with them as a mediator between users and those who offer foreign girls or men contacts.

Our promise to You:

Our goal is to help single men and women find their soul mates. Our rating system rates various aspects of each site, including members’ profiles, communication tools, search options, and more to help you make an informed choice.

  • We support all platforms and websites. Our website has modern code and it is easy for browsers to use our services. In other words, it doesn’t matter which device you are using – you can find matches everywhere.
  • We also provide a summary and statistics. We do it to show our efforts for creating high-quality content that can be useful to international dating website users. We want them not only to read but also learn something new from us every time they visit Bride99 blog page.
  • We review every dating website on our site. If you read these reviews, you will know which international dating sites are best for you.
  • We have FAQ sections where you can see all the information about international dating.